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What We Do

The enterprise network has become critical to enterprises. The new enterprise network has to support video, wireless and private and public cloud applications from mobile employees with multiple devices. But that’s not all; today’s Enterprise Network Manager needs to also consider how to provide Wireless access to the organisations customers and guests.

2e2 helps large and medium sized organisations build a modern, flexible, scalable and agile network infrastructure.

Our approach is unique in that we provide a complete solution from:

  • Strategy, Planning and Network Design
  • WLAN, LAN and Wifi
  • Managed LAN
  • Infrastructure Security, Secure Access and Mobile Device Management
  • Network Connectivity

Equipping Employees

2e2’s DNA is in equipping employees through the deployment of workforce enablement programmes.

Could IT Be Cloud?

from 2e2 offers organisations a range of options, providing flexibility in their choice of infrastructure, alongside an innovative methodology that determines each organisation's readiness for cloud based IT.