Resourcing Services

2e2’s Resourcing Services combine the quality and commitment of permanent employees with the flexibility and specialist skills of contractors – all managed through our skilled Service Delivery Managers at a predictable cost. This provides businesses with:

  • Improved quality of skilled resources
  • Lower management costs
  • Greater resourcing flexibility
  • Security vetted employees
  • A fully managed service from 2e2

Our solution has been developed to overcome the resourcing challenges faced by organisations, including:

  • Matching the volume and skill sets of their permanent staff with the service needs of the business
  • The need to achieve the right blend of quality, flexibility and cost effectiveness from their technical teams
  • Balancing the number of contractors (who offer flexibility and specialist skills, but are expensive and
    prefer to operate in silos to protect their IP and prolong their contract) and permanent staff (who consume large amounts of management time and money through recruitment, management and development lifecycle)

Resource Engagement Models

Our resourcing services are typically delivered in four distinct ways - depending on the level of ownership and flexibility required by the client:

Flexible Resourcing

2e2 can provide additional capacity on a short term or ongoing basis in support of ‘business as usual’ requirements, peak workloads, skills shortages or other resourcing pressure points.

Project Resourcing

The provision of additional skills and resources in support of a period of change. 2e2 staff will work within projects or as backfill to ‘business as usual’ functions to help ensure a successful completion of the project.


Managed Resource Services

The provision of a defined set and mix of skills for a contracted period (and to a guaranteed capacity) where planned and unplanned absence, client site knowledge retention and transition/rotation are the responsibility of 2e2.

Managed Services

The provision of a fixed-price outcome-based service, fully managed and delivered by 2e2 to agreed SLAs. We will own the issue and deliver the outcome.

Available Skills & Roles

We provide a range of skills to cover vendor technologies such as: UNIX, Windows, Linux, SQL, Sybase, Oracle, Citrix, VMware, HyperV,  Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Sun, IBM, EMC, NetApp, Symantec

Our resources can typically be deployed in roles such as:

  • Project & programme management
  • Service desk management
  • Trade floor support
  • Systems access management
  • Desktop and desk-side support
  • Technical architecture & security
  • Engineering/logistics & data centre support
  • Application, system, network and storage management 

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