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Desktop Migration

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Innovation in end-user technology is moving at an alarming rate, and with so many options available it’s often difficult to identify the best solutions for your organisation in order to balance flexibility, enhanced user experience, increased productivity and return on investment.

Whether you’re moving to the latest Windows operating system, upgrading your office suite, virtualising your desktop/application environment or finding ways to ensure that your employees are as productive as they can be with flexible, device-independence, your implementation strategy is fundamental to it’s success.

With years of accumulated knowledge in end-user computing architecture, and strategic partnerships with key software and hardware vendors, 2e2 are able to fully assist your organisation’s needs in order to implement vendor-agnostic solutions which accelerates return on investment.


Workplace Dynamics Assessment

With a vast array of computing options available in today’s market, the "one-size-fits-all” approach is fast becoming the exception rather than the norm. 2e2’s comprehensive Workplace Dynamics Assessment service helps organisations to make informed decisions, delivering a user experience focused approach which enables customers to provide the right environment, experience and device to the right user, increasing productivity and reducing total cost of ownership across the estate.

Desktop Transformation Strategy

With extensive experience and expertise across industry sectors, 2e2 helps customers to understand the financial impact and business benefits of migrating to a next-generation desktop architecture so that they can make informed technology investments. Drawing upon years of accumulated knowledge, 2e2 are able to provide customers with a tailored business case solution strategy along with an operational readiness assessment.

Desktop Transformation Design & Implementation

Reduce IT costs and increase application manageability, desktop security and productivity - migrating to the latest Windows Operating System, Office 2010 or System Centre 2012 has never been easier than with a flexible 2e2 Desktop Solution. 2e2 reduce risk and accelerate large-scale migrations with a precise and agile approach to planning, design, implementation and operations management.


One Contact - A 2e2 Proposition

From secure web payments through to implementing integrated decison support tools to ensuring effective agent training, 2e2 can apply its skills and experience to meet your ever evolving contact strategy.

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Equipping Employees

2e2's DNA is in Equipping Employees through the deployment of workforce enablement programmes

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Could IT Be Cloud?

Get 2e2's latest case studies on shared services, capex reduction, IT consolidation, data security, flexible IT and new services

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