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Flexible Storage

Data storage is a rapidly growing problem for all organisations. At a time when CIOs are being challenged to do more with less, the volume of data requiring storage is growing at 60% per annum, driven by: video, digital images, compliance requirements and collaboration applications. As a result, organisations are now facing the challenge of simplifying their storage management and reducing costs by optimising storage.

2e2 provides vendor-independent consulting and storage solutions built on 20 years’ experience. The 2e2 Flexible Storage service helps businesses to:

  • Enable significant business growth by successfully supporting data growth.
  • Meet regulatory requirements, particularly through data retention, and address legacy infrastructure support, currency and cost issues.

The 2e2 Flexible Storage service provides:

  • Proven methodology -Identifies quick wins and the most appropriate strategy.
  • Proven success -The highest levels of technical accreditation, with over 10 years experience in innovation designed to maximise flexibility and performance and minimise costs.
  • A true end-to-end information management capability - Independent expertise, from business application alignment, data tiering and flexible storage to cloud storage integration.

2e2 Storage Assessment

2e2 offer a quick consultant-led storage assessment to help you quantify the effect of storage issues on your organisation.

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