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Data Centre Services - Automation

Data Centre Automation is high on the agenda of many enterprises running large data centres. 2e2's unique ability to deliver successful automation lies in the fact that we offer:

  • Independence of toolset technology – we can advise clients objectively on the most appropriate solution
  • Proven track record – our consultants have delivered multiple server automation solutions
  • The combination of hands-on technical expertise with strong process design for improved operational and service management

Data Centre Automation is broken down into four specific domains – Server, Network, Storage and Process - and is delivered through combinations of a single cross-platform toolset and changes to existing IT organisational silos and processes. 2e2 Data Centre Automation Services delivers a comprehensive approach to unifying and standardising the delivery of IT, providing the IT organisation with new capabilities that will make it more cost effective, more reliable and compliant with policies and regulations.

These capabilities include:

  • Automated discovery - comprehensive discovery that automates the identification of resources such as networks, storage, servers, databases and applications.
  • Automated provisioning and configuration management - provision and configure physical and virtual IT resources based on well defined policies and tight configuration controls.
  • Automated audit and compliance - Changes executed in accordance with good practice to ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations, enabling organisations to demonstrate regulatory compliance (e.g. SOX, PCI).
  • Automated IT operational and service management processes - automate routine, labour intensive and error prone tasks across all infrastructure silos.
  • Improved management information - delivers comprehensive and meaningful reports and dashboards covering IT resources, compliance and change to support decision making and change impact assessment.

Data Centre Automation delivers significant benefit to the IT organisation through reduced operating costs, improved levels of service and compliance with internal policies and external regulations. 2e2 has helped our clients reduce headcount and incident resolution times and deliver Sarbanes Oxley compliance through Data Centre Automation solutions.

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