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2e2 Offers

Discount Shares in our New FlexShare Programme

Our new FlexShare Programme allows customers the flexibility to have a cache of FlexShares that can be redeemed for projects or resources. FlexShares allows you to pre-purchase your stock of shares that you can trade for 2e2 services throughout the year.

Whether you need additional support for desktop migration, quick training for new software, handling support calls, lifting and shifting data centres, laying cables, additional out of scope services or whatever your extra needs require, FlexShares are a good way to pre-purchase these resources for when you need them.

IT Support Services

2e2 offers IT Support Services that can help ensure that our customer's IT keeps ticking along. From Break/Fix to Remote Monitoring and Management, Service desks, Managed Print and Project Support, we can ensure that all your systems will be properly managed even when you don't have the time.

Flexible Resourcing

2e2 has a robust Flexible Resourcing Capability. We have a solid approach and services that will let you have those extra hands and skills when you most need them.

Employee Adoption

Employees only use new technology when they are supported and trained.  2e2’s training solutions enhance the introduction of new technologies as demonstrated by our delivery track record.  2e2 are perfectly placed to equip your employees in adopting the desktop of the next decade.